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Table of Contents

How do I search the web site? Where can I find the scholarships for me? Why doesn't Scholarship News charge me? Who is Scholarship News? What can I do to help? When do you update ?

How do I search the web site?

[You should click on our search button and put in the type of scholarship you have in mind. Do not put the word " Scholarship".  If you put scholarship on your search, you will get all the scholarships.]

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Where can I find the scholarships for me?

[You can find scholarships by who you are, what you will like to be, what is your religion, What is your ethnic background and where you live.  We choose to divide the web site in this manner for easy surfing.]

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Why doesn't Scholarship news charge me?

[We are trying to get sponsors to help us pay for the cost because we know that the scholarship news users do not have the means to pay us for our services.]

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Who is Scholarship News?

[Scholarship News is a soon to be a non-profit organization that believes that everyone has the right to have a chance to receive a quality education.]

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What can I do to help?

[Most of the information you see in this web site is given by students, so please send any information or leads to information to us. We will make sure the rest of the members receive it promptly.]

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When do you update ?

[We constantly receive new information so we try to update once a week.]

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