Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship (American Student)




November 12th






Applicable School(s)


University of Hawaii at Hilo




Scholarship for graduate students interested in Study Abroad who are enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa or Hilo pursuing studies in History, Economics, Business, Anthropology, Culture, Political Science, Sociology, Religion, Philosophy or any other subject area connected with Japanese culture and society. Students must be U.S. citizens, have a friendly outgoing personality, have a sympathetic interest in the attitudes and way of life of the people of a different culture, able to communicate ideas readily and effectively, have good knowledge of the history, culture, geography and current affairs of the Unites States. Applicants must have maintained high standards in academic studies, show promise of distinguished achievement, demonstrate qualities of leadership, initiative, enthusiasm, adaptability, maturity, and seriousness of purpose. An interview may be required. Number of awards may vary. A medical certificate must be included with application packet.




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