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Mayfield, Kentucky Colleges and Universities (Four Year)

See 1 Mayfield Four Year Colleges and Universities from our extensive database of 105 Kentucky Colleges, Community Colleges, and Trade Schools.

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School City Enroll In-State Cost Out-State Cost
Mid-Continent University Mayfield 1,629 $33,150 $33,150

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Leon and Helen Ennis Scholarship The Leon and Helen Ennis Scholarship is available to students who are members of Youngers Creek Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. more...
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Our database has a complete list of vocational schools, colleges, and universities, located in Mayfield, Kentucky. No matter what type of professional you want to become, you will be able to choose between all Mayfield schools available with the major you want. In our database of 7,126 schools, we have 1 Mayfield Kentucky colleges alone.

There are many factors to consider when finding the right Mayfield college or vocational program for you. Even after you think you have found the Mayfield, Kentucky technical school that you want to attend, you should contact someone at the admissions office or check the Mayfield schools website in order to discuss the requirements to get in and find out about the admissions process.

You will also want to find out more about the curriculum of the Mayfield, Kentucky technical college's program that you want to attend and make sure that you will be learning the information you need to further your career in the direction you want.

Generally, we recommend that you apply to more than one college in Mayfield, Kentucky, as admissions committees look at a variety of factors and try to admit a well rounded and diverse group of students. You may not get into every Mayfield, Kentucky college and university that you apply into, but we are certain that your database will help you find all information you need in order to eventually attend the vocational school or university in Mayfield, Kentucky that is your match.

Here are some of the factors you will want to check before applying to a technical college or university in Mayfield, Kentucky:

  • When should I apply?
  • How long will the Mayfield, Kentucky college or vocational school program take to complete?
  • What are the GPA requirements of the Mayfield, Kentucky university and do I need to take any other examinations?
  • Will they look at my work experience?
  • Is there a campus?
  • How many hours a week do I have to be on campus, if at all?
  • What classes are required in the program?
  • Will this Mayfield, Kentucky vocational school, technical college, or university further my career path?

These are some really important questions that you should ask yourself when figuring out whether to apply to a college or university in Mayfield, Kentucky, but they are not the only questions you should ask. Remember each college, university, and vocational school in Mayfield, Kentucky has different curriculums and you want every piece of information you can get to make sure that you are applying to the right program.

We look forward to helping you in your search to finding the Mayfield, Kentucky university for you. We are certain that our database contains all the information you need about universities and colleges in Mayfield, Kentucky in order to start finding that program that will open the window of opportunity for your career.