Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship










Applicable School(s)





Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad in almost any field of study as long as the scholar is enrolled in a specific university degree program and takes course work which relates directly to the completion of the degree. Applicants must have completed two years of university course work or have the equivalent professional experience. Recipients are expected to be ambassadors of goodwill. Applicants must be a citizen of a country in which there are Rotary Clubs, and demonstrate the ability to read, write and speak the language of the country in which they will study. Members of Rotary clubs are eligible and encouraged to apply, however, Rotarians, their relatives and Rotary employees are ineligible. Due date and number of awards vary depending on Rotary district. APPLICATIONS ARE PROCESSED THRU LOCAL ROTARY CLUBS; direct applications to the international Rotary Foundation are not considered without the required endorsements. Renewable. Contact the local Rotary for more information and/or application.




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