College of Southern Idaho

Parsons, ID

Nursing Website:
Enrollment: 7,100
Type: Public
Accredited: Yes
Online: No
Nursing Degrees: Associate, LPN, LPN-to-RN

Annual Costs

Tuition and fees: $2,280.00
Total Cost In-State On-Campus: $13,526.00
Total Cost Out-State On-Campus: $16,606.00
Total Cost In-District Off-Campus: $12,717.00
Total Cost In-State Off-Campus: $13,717.00
Total Cost Out-State Off-Campus: $16,797.00
Total Cost In-District With-Family: $7,826.00
Total Cost In-State With-Family: $8,826.00
Total Cost Out-State With-Family: $11,906.00


College of Southern Idaho
6703 Madison Road
Parsons, ID

Contact Info

Phone: 2.08734e+009
Main Website:
Financial Aid:

Financial Aid

Percentage of students receiving any financial aid: 75%
Percentage of students receiving Federal Grants: 39%
Average Federal Grant: $3,071.00
Percentage of students receiving state aid: 33%
Average state aid: $551.00
Percentage of students receiving institutional aid: 35%
Average institutional aid: $1,970.00
Percentage of students receiving a student loan: 24%
Average student loan: $3,495.00


Fogerty International Center/Ellison Overseas Fellowship
AORN Baccalaureate Nursing Scholarship
AORN Masters Degree Nursing Scholarship
AORN Doctoral Degree Nursing Scholarship
LaRetta Matthews Garland Scholarship
Hartford Predoctoral Scholarship
Hartford Postdoctoral Fellowship
CampusRN - AACN Nursing Scholarship
AACN BSN Scholarship
AACN Graduate Scholarship