Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarship for Migrant Farmworkers




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The Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarship for Migrant Farmworkers is available to migrant farmworker youth who have an interest in creative arts. You must have a recent history of migration for agricultural employment (or be the child of migrant farm workers) and demonstrate an interest in further developing your talents in visual, performing, media, literary, or craft arts to be considered for this award. A portfolio and letter of recommendation are also required. You must also be at least 16 years old, although you need not be currently enrolled in school. This award may be used for workshops, materials, study with a mentor, course enrollment, mileage, lost wages, etc.




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For project proposals that require less than $500, there is no application deadline. For proposals that require up to $2,500, application deadlines are June 1 and November 1. Please visit the sponsor's Web site for additional information.


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