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Art Renewal Center




May 31






Applicable School(s)






The Art Renewal Centers Scholarship Competition is open to full-time students who are accepted or presently enrolled in an ARC-approved program. You must submit an original artwork that reflects the principals espoused by the classical methods of drawing, painting and sculpture, centering on the importance of the techniques developed and evolved from the Renaissance through the late 19th century. This competition is not open to abstract, conceptualist, neo-conceptual or non-traditional constructions. Commercial design art is also excluded. Illustrative works will be judged on a case-by-case basis. In addition to your application, you must submit three letters of recommendation, and a resume detailing your education, honors received and/or exhibitions in which you have participated. You must also submit a 250-word essay entitled My Long-term Educational and Career Goals.




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Additional Information


A list of ARC-approved programs is available on the sponsor's Web site. PLEASE NOTE: It is strongly preferred that you apply for this scholarship on-line. You may fill out an application at the Web site provided, and submit it along with the other required information and five to ten jpeg images of your work to the e-mail address below.


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